The Kilimanjaro Young Girls in Need

KYGN currently provides education, healthcare and social care for 200 children

The Jack & Jill Foundation

Providing funding to families in need


The Jack & Jill Foundation and the Kilimanjaro Young Girls Network were selected by the ElectroRoute team as our chosen charities for 2015. Both charities will be supported in a number of ways through company and individual fundraising.

The Jack & Jill Foundation

The Jack & Jill Foundation is an Irish children’s charity set up in 1997 by Jonathan Irwin and his wife, Senator Mary Ann O’Brien (Lily O’Brien’s Chocolate). It is based on their own experience of caring for their son Jack at home until he passed away in December 1997 aged 22 months.

Over the past 17 years, Jack & Jill has supported 1,700 children (from birth to 4 years old) with brain damage who suffer severe intellectual and physical trauma, as well as end of life care.  The nationwide service includes home visits and care, advice, information, lobbying and bereavement support, with the Foundation providing funding for up to 64 hours of home nursing care per month at a cost of up to €1024 per family. With less than 20% of its funding coming from the State, the Jack & Jill foundation relies on creative fundraisers like this one to survive.

The Foundation gives these families THE GIFT OF TIME, time to do the things that we so often take for granted like shopping, taking their other children to the park, a night’s sleep etc.


The Kilimanjaro Young Girls Network 

Kilimanjaro Young Girls in Need is a non-profit organization based in Mabogini, one of the poorest areas in Tanzania. The extreme poverty in this rural region means that many families are forced to survive on less than $20 a month. Without the money to afford books, uniforms and transport, many children, particularly girls, will never be able to afford to attend school.

A lack of education is not the only problem these girls face. Mabogini is an area with high rates of malaria and HIV/AIDS and yet many children have no access to basic medical care. Without any social services provision, many young girls also face physical and sexual abuse with no one there to help them. KYGN believe that the only way to take children out of poverty is to provide them with education, healthcare and a safe and stable home environment. That's why they have made it their mission to provide schooling and social care to children who would otherwise never receive it.

With every young girl that we reach, we are helping to break the cycle of poverty in Tanzania.

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